A Home Remodel Increases The Value of Your Home!

A home is the heart of one's life, it’s comfort, peace, acceptance, and tranquility. It's that one special place that everyone desires to be after a long day. The one place where family and friends gather to make memories. Choosing a home is one of the most important and toughest decisions someone can make, which means everything has to be right. Remodeling and revamping your home can attract a lot more buyers and it can also increase your home value! Here is a list of ways that a remodel can increase the value of your home:

Improves Aesthetics and Functionality: 

The first thing a buyer will look at is how appealing the home is. Modernizing the design, adding new appliances, renovating old and outdated corners and spaces, upgrading fixtures, and upgrading finishes, flooring, and tiles are all ways that can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Increased Square Footage: 

Most homes with a higher square footage have a higher selling price. Adding a home addition, additional rooms, finishing a basement, or expanding other rooms in the home are all great for creating more square footage in your home. Generally, buyers are attracted to a home that is more open and allows for more room and storage, therefore, being willing to pay a higher price. 

Enhanced Exterior:

Landscaping, roofing, fresh paint, and modern upgrades will make your home look new and fresh from the very first glance. A well-maintained and attractive exterior can attract more potential buyers without even having to look inside the home as well as increase its perceived value. 

Structural Repairs and Maintenance:

Many buyers desire to have a home that is stable and secure with little to no structural issues. If a buyer notices neglected issues in the home, it will most likely leave them uninterested. Fixing a leaking roof, repairing foundational issues, rot repair, and removing mold are all ways that can increase the value of your property.

Keeping Up With The Trends:

Trends can completely change in a couple of years which means that upgrading your home to keep up with what buyers want and what they are looking for is extremely important. Most buyers are looking for a home that is new and improved to match current trends and preferences. Some trends that are popular today are open-concept layouts, smart home features, dedicated home office spaces, and minimalistic styles. Renovating and upgrading your home to something more modern and trendy can attract more buyers and increase the value of your home. 

Enhanced Storage and Organization:

Most homeowners and buyers desire ample space for storage in their homes. Adding built-in shelving, walk-in closets, and creating more storage solutions can enhance the functionality of your home making it more desirable to buyers. 

These renovations require skilled and highly experienced professionals to give you as much added value as possible. CraftHaus Home Remodeling specializes in all of these categories and knows how to create solutions for everyone's needs!